Poor housing: Thomas has been living in a tent in Seine-Saint-Denis for ten years.

The Fondation Abbé Pierre estimates that four million people in France are homeless or inadequately housed.They are more and more isolated people, like Thomas who lives in a tent in Seine-Saint-Denis.

“It’s a piece of land we’re squatting on,” describes Thomas, a 60-year-old homeless man from Gagny in Seine-Saint-Denis, where “there’s no house, there’s nothing”.He shows us his tent: “It’s my whole house, I live in it.” To combat the cold, it uses crates to insulate from the ground.”I share with cats, and sometimes I sleep with them,” continues the homeless man who plays the guitar with a smile on his face.He’s been living on the streets for over ten years.

The Abbé Pierre Foundation helps him through the solidarity shop which is a daytime welcome.The association for the fight against poor housing published its annual report on Thursday 30 January.It estimates that four million people in France are homeless or inadequately housed.She also points out that the homeless are increasingly single people.According to the Foundation, of the 143,000 homeless French people, 65% have no spouse or dependent children.


Homeless people “out of the picture.”

Thomas didn’t always live in a tent that he purchased used .”I worked for companies, I was in electrical engineering,” he explains.I had a wife and a child, a normal life”.According to him, this life changed after his divorce: “Normally, she was the one who had to leave home.But I said to myself, “No, she stays there with the child.”

I left the house, signed everything and left.Thomas, homeless in Franceinfo.

For Nadia Thibault, a specialized educator at the solidarity shop, the situation of these isolated people has deteriorated.”There’s a kind of paradox.There are more and more schemes, but social workers on the ground feel that rights are becoming more and more complicated for people to access.” For the educator, “Thomas represents a certain number of people” living on the street, which “immediately pushed them away from the devices, until they refused them all at once and in one fell swoop”.

Now Thomas says to himself, ‘I’m going to live my own little life’.And as he moves on, he moves awayNadia Thibault, specialist educator at franceinfo

A remoteness that you can see when you ask Thomas what he would do if he was offered a place to live.”You’re going to offer an apartment but you have to work to pay for it,” he says.So we’re saying that the proposal is void.You’re gonna get into something…In a month, I’m telling you, you’re out.So I’d rather be in a tent, under a good blanket and a good duvet.First of all, we’re not cold.”